Cake Flavors
*whipped and cream cheese icing not recommended on wedding cakes
Vanilla,  Chocolate,  Marble,  French Vanilla,  Strawberry,  Red Velvet,  German Chocolate,  White,  Carrot, Banana,  Yellow,  Pineapple,  Spice, Coconut,  Orange Cream,  Dark Chocolate,  Butter,  Butter Pecan, Butterscotch,  Oreo (TM),  Almond, Mint,  Peach,  White Chocolate, Banana Nut,  Apple Spice,  Amaretto, Blue Velvet,  Lemon,  and  Rainbow (Extra Charge)
Strawberry,  Banana,  Lemon, Apricot, Vanilla,  Peach,  Cherry,  Pineapple, Chocolate Mousse,  Chocolate Bavarian Cream,  Cream Cheese Cake, Red Raspberry,  Bavarian Cream, Chocolate Mint,  Cannoli($30.00), Blueberry,  Mint,  Coconut Pecan, Cinnamon Apple
Strawberry Buttercream 
 Peanut butter Buttercream 
 *Cream Cheese
Chocolate Buttercream
 Dark Chocolate Buttercream 
and  Fondant